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  • Sick of the increasing maintenance costs of your students’ lockers?
  • Ever wish the crashing and bashing of metal doors outside your office would cease?
  • Would you rather the sleek, uniform appearance of durable, coloured storage for kids at your school?

If you’re after durability and functionality in addition to solutions to the above requests, look no further than FSP Cool Lockers. We are well aware that the storage facilities in High schools and Middle Schools are a staple requirement for students’ everyday routine. Daily use requires a hard-wearing material to sustain the life of the locker. Polyethylene plastic lockers provide the durability and safety your students need, along with a more visually appealing aesthetic and a much quieter function.

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Our range of lockers is ideal for installation in Middle and High schools and educational facilities due to an array of beneficial factors. The high durability of the FSP Cool Lockers products ensures that even the most destructive or overly-enthusiastic students will not be able to taint the structure and visual appeal of their storage space; thus, the clean appearance of your lockers will be much easier to sustain. The polyethylene plastic material is vandal resistant in that scratches are less visible and graffiti from pencils, pens, and markers is easily removable with wipe-away cleaners.

Our products are more sustainable, which will significantly improve your carbon footprint in the long term, as compared to traditional metal or steel lockers. The upkeep of our FSP Cool Lockers alternatives is minimal, reducing the time, effort and money spent on maintenance.

Staff Pigeon Holes

At FSP Cool Lockers, we pride ourselves on our wide range and the versatile options we make available to our clients. Creating lockers that are diverse and can be used for multiple purposes across a number of different spaces, we have solutions for students and staff alike. In addition, our lockers can be customized to fit smaller spaces and are ideal for teachers’ personal storage.

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Revolutionise student storage at your school with our unique range of polyethylene plastic lockers. Give us a call on +1 832 808 5251 or shoot us an email at for more details on your best school storage options. Alternatively, you may like to check out our online locker builder to request a fast, efficient quote for your specific needs.